Tuesday, May 19, 2009

skin care/new foundation routine ramble

Skin Care

I started getting mild acne in university and I never really found anything that cleared up my skin without drying it out...I tend to break out in my T-Zone...and get oily mid-day no matter what. I tried proactive which was okay...but it really didn't make my skin feel healthy. I tried Clinique 3-step which is not for acne prone skin...could possibly be good for other skin types. I even tried Cliniques 3 step acne solution kit which reaaaally dried me out. I decided to try the Murad acne complex line and so far i like it. The cleanser feels great..not overdrying. The second step which is the clarifying gel works well but I can't use it everyday..tried that and my face was sooo dry and flaky! I use it like once or twice a week max. The moisturizer that comes with it is really nice. It is oil free and had retinol and sodium hyluronate which is great for your skin (also anti-aging). It's called "skin perfecting lotion". I will definitely re-purchase the cleanser and moisturizer. I think the gel treatment and spot treatments will last me a while. I've been kinda lazy with my blog lately..sorry I didn't post any pics but here's a link to these products.

Foundation Routine

Step 1 (Primer): first of all I start off with my favorite primer (after moisturizing of course): Smashbox Photo Finish. I actually just bought a new one..my first one lasted me six months. The few weeks I went without it...I could really feel a difference in my skin, I just needed to get some more!! Even if I don't wear foundation I still wear this because it acts as a skin treatment too...it has anti-oxidents and peptides!

Step 2 (Foundation): I bought Smashbox's High Definition Healthy Fx Foundation in Light 4 and it's great! It's oil-free and really good for your skin, it has spf 15, and it has sephora's "natural seal" of products that are supposed to be more natural and good for your skin. Now I don't know if you would like this if you require full coverage, but since my skin has been clearing up this is perfect! I "dab" the product on each cheek, my nose, forehead, and chin then I blend it all together with a foundation brush. It even works good with your fingers if you're in a rush. After it's all blended I just put a small amount of Benefits Boing Concealer under my eyes.

Step 3 (Powder): I don't ALWAYS use this step...I'm not usually one for setting my foundation with powder I personally think it CAN make you look kinda chaulky at times...That's what I used to find anyway if I put anything over Studio Fix fluid. With the Smashbox Foundation because it doesn't look or feel heavy at all, I like to set it with a little bit of MAC's MSF Natural in Medium Plus using my 150 brush. Can't say how much I love MAC's MSF Naturals...they are amazing! I even wear it alone sometimes!

That's all for now! What are your favorite face products???


  1. hmm well i have dry to normal skin and liquid foundation ALWAYS streaks on me as i can never find that right shade :S so my favourite are mineral foundations. I have been using ocean mist cosmetics mineral powder foundation for more than a year now and its awesome~! for setting powder my favourite would be mac studio fix :) and i havent tried a face primer before but really wana give it a go...does the smashbox one really hold ya makeup for long?

  2. I think the Smashbox primer helps your foundation go on smoother, makes it look nicer, and totally makes it last longer! Most of all I love it because it makes my skin feel and look healthier...it makes my pores much smaller too! If you wanted to try it they usually have little samples at the store! I am also a fan of mineral powder foundation...i was using bare minerals most of the winter..I just wanted a break from the powder so i switched to back to liquid!

  3. u nw they are kinda wierd in the uk about giving samples plus the MA's here suck big tym :S but will still get a sample first hehe