Saturday, May 2, 2009

Viva Glam 5

So first of all I just wanted to fill anyone who's wondering in on why I chose the name "vivaglamt" weeellll...I'm not exactly the type to have nicknames like that.....not that it's an actual nickname of mine lol...I jut wanted to come up with something at least a little original. I mean ever since IM was invented way back whenever my most interested nickname was just my actual name with maybe a star or smiley face haha....I'm pretty boring when it comes to that stuff. Anyways..I was trying to think of something that's a favorite makeup product of mine and incorporate it into my blogger name. First I thought of my first eyeshadow colors I ever bought at MAC and they were Naked Lunch and Steamy...........hmmmmmm maybe a little too provocative I decided on my favorite lipstick which guessed it viva glam 5. A pretty neutral beigy pink lustre finish lipstick from MAC that I continue to re-purchase time and time again. In my opinion it can be worn with just about any look and on almost every skin tone! Great for the everyday working girl....for the bluhing bride...or even a night out - glammed up with some gloss even! It has a little shimmer to it and of course that classic delicious MAC signature soft vanilla scent...god i love that!! Anyway I'm wearing it in the pic above!!

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