Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Urban Decay/MAC

So I ordered the Urban Decay Get Baked pallete from Sephora and it's gorgeous! It comes with the following:
-4 shadows (left to right as shown in pic below) twice baked, half baked, flipside, and baked
-UDPP in Sin
-24/7 pencil in Bourbon

So the shadows are the pics below I'm wearing baked and half baked on my lids, and flipside (the bright teal) on my lower lashline. I actually took these pics after wearing the shades all day and they are still pretty vibrant. I sill prefer my MAC Bare study paint pot though as a primer....I mean the UDPP is great but I think the paint pots make things last longer in my opinion. As far as the eyeliner goes.....I was very very surprised. I've heard so many great things about the 24/7 pencils...(they are pigmented, last all day, don't budge etc). I wasn't a huge fan...I prefer the MUFE ones to these. The UD pencil hardly showed up over my shadows...and was useless on the water maybe the black one (zero) that everyone talks about it better but this one was..meh....i even used it once wearing ONLY MAC Bare Study to see if I could get a bit more pigment and it still didn't impress me..I think I'm wearing Dipdown fluidline in the pics below btw. Anyway..all in all I think this kit is a good deal! It's great for a summer bronzed look..and I love how they have that bright teal in there for a pop of color!

So I went to MAC and bought another MSF Natural in Medium Plus and a Dazzleglass in Smile...of course MAC never fails to impress me. MSF Naturals are freaking amazing...lately I've been buffing it in with a kabuki (without foundation under) and it's would never know I have some major T zone blemish issues. As for the Dazzleglasses...LOVE these too..I wanna go back and get more lol. They last a long time...a tiny bit sticky but I mean you need a little bit of stick to make it last long..still feels great on the lips. Smile is like a coral shade..great for the summer..I think it would suit any skin tone. I wanna get sugarrimmed (spelling?) and baby sparks sometime too! I never took pics of these MAC items but I'm sure you all know what they look like...I'm wearing them in the pics below :) Anyway...that's all for now..have a great day!!
xoxo T


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  2. Hi - saw your comment on Lollipop 26 and checking out your blog. I too am from Toronto, love make-up, was/am inspired by all the Youtube gurus and beauty bloggers -- and just started my own blog. I have one subscriber so far -- and had someone post a comment for the first time. So exciting! Anyway, happy blogging.
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  3. Hey!! That's awesome...I'm pretty excited about the blogging too...totally new to me..and i was super excited to see that I now have 2 followers! lol...k i'm gonna check out your blog and add you :) take care xoxo